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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Learning ABC

This afternoon, I went to Farley Supermarket for shopping of groceries.Farley is having great sales for all their member as this 3 days started from Friday -Sunday is their member day. When I passed by the stationary section, I saw lot of educational posters were hanging in the rack. I have been thinking of getting some educational poster for Ryan, paste it on the wall near his bed. After searching n searching, I decided to buy LEARNING ABC poster for Ryan. Ryan likes it alot...Hope he will get to know more n more things by seeing this poster everyday.


Ping said...

Mery i also start to plan to buy the this Learning ABC item sure Natalie love it but no time went out to buy it yet. I plan to buy 2 poster and one i will put at bed room and another one at living room.

Mery said...

Ping , u can go out on wikend and at same time bring Natalie walk walk lol.

SY said...

I got it for Yan but he seems like dont like d. Maybe not colourful enuf..

Chen Xi & Mama said...

Heheh.. Mery u got a nice poster for Ryan! He sure like it!

Mery said...

Ryan reali love ABC poster so much. he will point at the pics everyday wen he is in to the bedroom.

Sy, got lot of types...u can try get the 1 which is more colorful n pics more interesting n cute 1.sure Yan wil like it too.