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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Free sample from Huggies

Received Huggies Ultra and Pull Up Pants from Huggies. I gave them a call on last Monday and I rec'd the sample within 1 week time. I believe Huggies has upgraded their service. From my previous experience, I requested the sample before thru online and also give them a call last yr and has been waiting n waiting n yet to rec'd any sample from them. I almost give up....but at last I decided to give a last try and Happy that at last I managed to got it.

Huggies Malaysia has even come out with their own website. Check it out : www.huggies.com.my (toll free : 1800 821188). Their website is very colorful and contained alot of good articles for sharing.


Ping said...

i already sign up be Huggies memeber last week and also request the sample Huggies Ultra dry and also pants...hope can get it soon :)

Mery said...

Ping,..u sure will get it soon. I got it within 1 week lol...Veri good svc.

Chen Xi & Mama said...

Mery, same here, i ever requested Huggies samples online, but till now, no news! I just trying my luck again last few days. See how is it.. If still no news, i will call the phone number you given. Thanks ya!

Mery said...

Serene, Maybe u hav to wait for few more days for ur sample..Hope u wil recd it soon.