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Thursday, June 10, 2010

All in One.....

Wow...at last I have some free time to update my blog which is being abandoned for a few weeks. Everytime when I was in front of laptop thinking of updating my blog,but the "Laziness" appeared,so keep delayed n delayed till today.

Feel free to read for my long pending updates :-

1. Drypers Star Letter.
Yes.... I got 2 stars from Drypers Parents' circle (Jan - Mar 2010).
So....free diaper (3 packs) for Ryan, with a pack of glitter story books + hand puppet.
TQ so much SCA for the gifts...definitely can save my $$, I have not been buying diapers for more than 2 years.

2. Parcel from my hometown.
My friend Lily from Kuching is going back to my hometown Medan last month. This time I asked for her help to bring back " some goodies " for me, get my brother to buy: Immuno8 Chewable Vitamin for Ryan (my niece Yixin is taking these vit,so I decided to give Ryan a try too to boost up his immune system),Clarinase (flu medicine - Medan is selling super cheap 10 tablets less than Rm15 ,while Sibu is selling Rm3/tablet),Pocari Sweat (it taste like 100plus,but no gas...), shirt for me & Ryan (get it chopped @ temple during CNY - called "pho un" in hokkien).

Not to forget, Lily bought me 2 packs of cornflake peanut titbits from Kuching. Taste superb.

TQ so much Lily for your help....brought back my "goodies" from Medan & sent to me via Poslaju from Kuching to Sibu.

3. Thomas & Friends Train Set.
Ryan has been fancied about Train....Since he did not have any train toy, I went to nearby supermarket to get this train set for him. Not expensive Rm11.60 with 10% disc.
Ryan was so happy with this Train set...played it everyday. As of today, he started to get bored with these train set & I have kept it inside the cabinet.
What I can say is Sibu don't have much toys to choose...designs & ranges are pretty limited.

4. Puzzles.
I bought Turtle wood puzzle for Ryan somewhere last year & only recently I took out for him to play. He is very good in solving this puzzle nowadays.
So I bought 3 new paper puzzles for Ryan to play with picture of Thomas & friends, Mickey & friends , Vehicles (less than 20pcs/set). He can fix all those puzzles well too.

5. Ryan's milestones (40 months old).

Yes....Ryan has reached 40 months old (3 yrs 4 mths ++). Time flies so fast....he has grown up alot.
Can be very talkactive at home, but while on the phone, he will be a quiet boy.
Like to egg burger with egg only,no burger meat.
Like to ask Mummy & Daddy to play with him.(he must be lonely)..
Can do spelling - only W , he spell as : dalebiu...instead of dabeliu.
Can sings alot of songs - learn from school & mummy.
Can do colouring better now.

Stay tune for my next updates !!!


Alice Law said...

LOL! So much goodies updates, I like all the treasure you got from your kampung! very interesting!

Happy 40 months old to Ryan! A wonderful weekend to you too!^-^

smallkucing said...

wow...so many things ya? Ryan is real lucky boy

Mommy Ling said...

Wahh....so nice to have so many goodies.

prince n princess mum said...

Great goodies!

Little Kit Boy said...

wah..so many very nice goodies

ChloeRuoyi said...

Wow, 2 years no need to buy diapers? You are so lucky :) Enjoy all your wonderful goodies!

Mummy Gwen said...

Goodies from hometown is the best! :) That's alot of diapers..can save alot of money.

Linda said...

Ryan still on drypers? I think next time you give them my address and send them to me ok... my zihan is using XL size... hehe

Ann said...

OOOHHH....good to get free diapers!!! :)

And so many purchses and gifts too! Ryan is doing GREAT at 40 months!

BoeyJoey said...

Lots of goodies there for Ryan. Happy 40 months old, Ryan! :-)

Priscilla said...

I thought Sibu medicines sell very cheap??

gaiki said...

Wah, a lot of goodies!!! I love the train set!!

yes, it's good to save $$$ for diapers.

MeRy said...

Priscilla - For Clarinase, it is more expensive compared to my hometown Medan.....not worhty to buy here.

Alice Phua said...

OOohhh....I loves freebies too! GOod achievement for Ryan at his age!

Agnes said...

Ryan is learning fast, soon you will have to buy a bigger and more pieces puzzle for him to solve, good work Ryan!

Martini said...

Hi Mery, just for your info, Pocari Sweat is sold here, at Jusco, KL.

You definitely save a lot of $$$ from buying diapers.

MommyAngel said...

Glad to see you update again :) Ryan has grown up so much!!!

Oliveoylz said...

How cool, no need to buy diapers for 2 years. I read your article. It was really good!

Dora said...

Those puzzles are just lovely to kids!

reanaclaire said...

wow..so many gifts.. he gave such a sweet smile!

slavemom said...

It's great that he loves puzzles. And vy good at solving them too. U gotta get more complicated ones for him to try.

MeRy said...

Martini - Really? I can't find Pocari Sweet at Sibu here.

Olive - Tq for ur compliments.So u contribute any tips for Drypers too?

Martini said...

Hi Mery,
If there is Jusco, you can try to find it.

I got to know Pocari Sweat last Nov when I went back to Medan. My boy told me when he saw it in Jusco, hehe...

vickylow said...

wah so many goodies and gifts. Happy 40mths old to Ryan. So when did mommy wanna give him a sibling haha