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Monday, February 16, 2009

Holiday Trip to Medan @Changi Airport

Backdated post : 11/12/2008

Last year we went back to Medan on 11 Dec'08. We went to Spore for holiday about a week,then back to Medan together with my sis n BIL. My sis came to pick us up @5am. That's very very early for Ryan to wake up...no choice our Valuair flight to Medan was 7.30am. That morning, I on the room light & woke up Ryan. Make some milk for him .. it is not good go airport with empty stomach as our trip back to Medan will take 1 hr 5 mins from Spore.

After check - in, we snapped some pictures before departing to Medan. We did not really walk around the Changi Airport, I believe there were wonderful X'mas deco at that point of time. We were in rush too. Ryan was busy pushing the trolley & refused to be hold, wanna walk by himself.
He was getting excited for his holiday trip to Medan .... can't wait to meet my family members there.

Happy Holiday !!


Kristie said...

wow u went back for a real long break! i am sure ur relatives were all excited to meet ryan and vice versa :)

ryan is big boy now, want to push his own trolley some more!

MeRy said...

Kristie - ya..last Dec back to Medan for more than 2 mths,really long holiday trip. Now miss my family n frens alot.