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Monday, July 7, 2008

My 17 months old ++

At the age of 17 months old, Ryan has grown up to be a toddler....

Teeth : I guess, Ryan teeths are fully out, no more saliva king.

Development :
*Can call papa & mama
*Banana/papaya ~ Ryan will call "ba ba"
*When see lizards ~ Ryan will make a sound "hush hush", tats the way to chase the lizard away.
*Like to go jalan-jalan, will take his own shoes and sit at staircase to put on his shoes.
*When mommy ask "go pee pee",Ryan will point his Private Parts.
*When Ryan is doing his BIG BIZ,he will make a face expression "Eh Eh" and will hit his own backside...telling mommy that he is doing his Big Biz.
*Can wave " bye bye ",do "gong xi gong xi",clap hand,nod his head when he doesn't want.
*Can "ON" tv remote control...then sit there watch tv advertisement.
*Like to see himself in a mirror.
*Can hold his own milk and water bottle, will hand over back his bottles once he has finished up his milk & water.
*Can comb his hairs (always hold the comb "terbalik").


the little prince said...

mummy said Ryan koko looks like big big boy ya....

kristie said...

wow ryan is such a clever boy! i like it when he smack his own backside to tell u he is shitting hehehehe so cute....