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Monday, July 7, 2008

..... Fall Down ....

Backdated post : 4th July 2008

While mummy & daddy were concentrating watching TV last friday night, out of sudden "BOOM",OMG.... Ryan fell down from sofa and hit his head to the floor. He cried & cried and his forehead was swollen and a 'small ball' appeared on his forehead.Mummy faster rubbed "zambuk ointment" on his forehead and the swollen part started to get smaller. Who to blame????...It is mommy & daddy's fault, never pay full attention to Ryan.Mommy's heart was pain while seeing Ryan cried & his swollen forehead....Pity my boy.hiks hiks hiks***

Till today,his forehead still not yet fully recovered, still have a bruise and swollen bit. Sorie, my dear boy.


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Ai yoo...kesian the small "bangalow' on Ryan's forehead.
Dont blame yourself, Mery..You also dont want it to happen.

quEeNie said...

aiyah, pity Ryan, hope he recover soon

SY said...

Aiyo.Kesian nia. Is ok la Ryan. Old folks said fall down only can grow up faster..

Funn's said...

Aiyoh! Poor thing.
Mery don't blame yourself! Think it this way, Ryan "sayang" you so much, he build a nice bungalow for u! Cheer up dear!

kristie said...

por ryan boy! dont worry mery... it is not ur fault... accidents always happen, just thank God it is not serious :)