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Monday, July 28, 2008

Indonesian Specialty Food

Last week , I tried to make some perkedel for dinner. It has been long time that I never make perkedel ( i think more than half a year already).It takes long time to make it,so sometimes very lazy.
Indonesian food's perkedel (Indonesian mini meat patties) is made from potato filled with either beef/chicken/pork meat, hence it is also called potato cakes. Usually served with rice or nasi lemak, vegetable soup, and sambal terasi (chili sauce with dried shrimp paste).

Ingredients :
* 3 pcs shallot, peel off the skin & slice thinly
* 3 yellow potatoes, peel off the skin, slice thinly
* 1 egg,separate the yolk
* 200 g minced meat (ie : chicken/beef/pork)& add bit of carrot + garlic to the minced meat & blend them together
* 1 cup vegetable oil
* 1 tablespoon salt
* 1 pinch pepper
* 1 tablespoon Oyster Sos

Directions :
1. Fry sliced shallots until it turns a bit brown, then set aside to cool.
2. Saute sliced potatoes until it turns soft, and then mash them in a bowl.
3. Mix together the mashed potato with fried shallots, salt, pepper,oyster sos minced meat and egg yolk and shape into palm-sized, flat round patties.
4. Heat oil in a frying pan, enough to cover the patties.
5. Dip patty into egg white and then cook the patties (in batches if necessary) over a medium heat for about 5min each side.
6. Ready to be served


little prince said...

so many nice nice indonesian food :)

Kristie said...

i looooove perkedel!

Mery said...

peiwun - Indonesia has alot of nice foods..somemore some r veri spicy,but I reali love to eat spicy food like kari,rendang & sambal.

Kristie - find a time make some perkedel for urself & hubby( of course aftr ur confinement over).

Agnes Khoo said...

U make me hungry, mery!

renet13 said...

Mery, just curious Why are u so fond of Indonesian food..is because the place u stay is near Indonesia ..or is there any particular reason?