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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Busy ..... Busy .... Busy


After so long, at last I managed to capture a video of Ryan busy playing with Enfagrow box and his milk formula. He started open up the cabinet where I keep all his milk formula stock and all his new clothes. He took out Enfagrow box where I keep his OSHKOSH shoes inside.Then he took put back his shoes into the box and started to take his milk formula out too.I bought 5 tins of Enfagrow to keep stock.He took 2 tins of Enfagrow and 1 tin of Enfapro, then he wanted to put them into the box,but unluckily it is too small to put them in. So he decided to keep them back to the cabinet. He tried so hard to carry Enfagrow 1.8kgs into the cabinet, it is too heavy for him to carry. Therefore he only managed to keep Enfapro 400 gram into the cabinet.
I have been training Ryan to keep whatever stuffs that he has token from the cabinet.It is good to train him since he is young, so that he will have a habit to keep things back to the original place. And also always remind him not to mess up the cabinet (of course, he will still mess it up sometimes, but there is a time where he will close back the cabinet door once I tell him to do so - it is depend on his mood).


Serene said...

Oh dear... what is he doing? So cute la.. take out the things and put it back? He so powerful! he able to take out 1.8kg Enfagrow from the cabinet? These are what my Xixi like to do also.......

Ping said...

Well done Ryan! Yes we should train them to put back the thing on the original place. My Natalie...depend on her mood, once she good mood then she will put back on the place when she bad mood then...u know what i mean @_@ hahaha!

kristie said...

mery, ryan looks really independent! and he knows what he is doing as well.. if this cannot fit... must take other things out... smart little boy!

Mery said...

Serene - tats my boy,everyday do the same things. I have been tidied up till tired too.

Ping - same to Ryan,wen he has good mood, he will keep back the things tat he dig out, but wen bad mood, he juz walked away.Can't be bother.

Kristie - He can be smart boy...but also can be noti boy. Somtimes I reali headache c him playing nonstop.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Ryan was so enjoying playing..he can spent so much time sitting there and play.
Of course he is good boy too, put back the formula to the cupboard. Good job!!

kristie said...

mery this age is normal for him to be very curious! :)