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Sunday, November 25, 2007

*Sick Ryan*

Last night Ryan having bad cough n phlegm, he kept wakeup n crying. Lucki he manage to sleep till this morning 7.30am. After i have finished my housework, Daddy n Mummy brought Ryan to c Dr.Law. According to doct, Ryan has lot of phlegm n suggested that Ryan take medication thru machine to discard the phlegm. Ryan was crying while doing the medication. Then doct also gav some medicine. After reach home, I fed Ryan bubur n he managed to finish it all. After rest for 1 hour, continue to feed him medicine (with daddy's help). Lastly, Ryan managed to take all the medicine (he is crying also while taking his medicine).
Ryan still look active n he still crawl here N there. Around 2pm, he really get tired n fall asleep.Hope he will get better after a nap.


liteng said...

poor boy.. hope he can get well soon! kiss for lil' ryan *muacks*

Agnes Khoo said...

Hope Ryan will get well soon!
Mummy Mery must be vy worry & tired on taking care of Ryan!

Mery said...

Teng, Thks for the kiss....Ryan wil get well soon aftr has ur kiss....:)

Mery said...

Agnes....Thks for the concern. I m pretty tired tis few days...Hope Ryan can get well SOON.

SY said...

Poor little Ryan. Hope u can get well soon.

Mery said...

SY, thks for ur concern. Ryan is getting better now. Hope he wil fully recover soon as we r goin for holiday next Mond.