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Monday, November 12, 2007

Ryan is down with fever

Yesterday morning, my husband n I brought Ryan for JE Immunisation. Around 10am, at last is Ryan's turn n after the injection, doct gav him PCM to release fever in case it happen. In the next 5 mins when we r on the way home, Ryan started to get fever. Upon reached home, I feed him water with porridge.After awhile, I gave him PCM for fever. After taking 2 small spoons, Ryan vomitted.
Then I wiped clean his body n get him a change. He tried to sleep, but can;t sleep well. The fever is getting higher, at last I decided to bring Ryan to 24hrs emergency@Sibu Specialist Medical Ctr. Doct inserted Paracetamol thru his buttock.....he cried for a while(my heart so pain ... Ryan seem suffered).Once we reached home,I kept measured his temp every hour n his fever is down lastly. Ryan started to get active n played around. Around 10.30pm, Ryan slept n I myself also have my rest. Around 1am, Ryan woke up n he seem hungry. Daddy make him a milk n while i fed him, i felt that his fever is back again. I inserted Paracetamol thru his buttock(as suggested by doct), but his fever is up n down .He managed to get quick sleep in between, but from his face, Ryan seem very uncomfortable.

Then my husband n I decided to bring Ryan to a doct this morning. According to the doct, Ryan has throat infection n with the JE injection, it caused him to have fever. Doct hav given him some medicine n also inserted medicine to his buttock to bring down his fever. Upon reach home, he still refuse to hav his milk or water. After a while, with my MIL's help, I managed to feed him Fever Medicine ,but another 2 types of medicines stil not yet feed coz he keep crying n crying n refuse to take it.I keep close control on his temp n in the next 1 hour, his temp is down...no more fever. In the afternoon, he asked for milk n I feel happy to c him managed to finish all his milk(no vomitting this time). He felt more energetic n smile, but his body still feel weak. Around 4.15pm, Ryan takes his nap at last.....Hope Ryan will feel better after rest this afternoon.**

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