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Thursday, May 30, 2013

At last the Day comes....to us

After been waiting and waiting,at last we are now on holiday mood. We do not travel to any part of the town,just have a good rest at home.

For me, I have some test papers(monthly test)to be marked and prepared the report card to be pass to my students the week after the Gawai Holiday.
I am pleased that my tuition class is off for a week too,so I can spend more time with Ryan and my hubby at home.
Of course, I did some spring cleaning for my house especially the window and door and some spider webs start to hanging on the ceiling , they need to be clear too. Not to forget, I also get myself busy in the kitchen....doing some baking and cooking.

orange butter cake( in small cup)

 Before the school holiday, our school celebrated Teacher's Day on 23 May'13, it was mt first time celebrating Teacher's Day with all students.Parents brought lot of food to share among the kids and teachers. Some parents even gave a gift to teachers. And this is what I received .....

For Ryan, this school holiday is really a relaxing day. Basically he just spend time on playing games, watching TV, doing some homeworks (given by mummy), napping, playing with toys and doing some colouring.
Sometimes I will brought him for a walk...we did window and grocery shopping together, we enjoyed it so much.

On top of that, I also received a few prizes from contest that I won.
from AAF - facebook (guess , what is it?)

from MPH bookstore - facebook (guess,what is this?)

Win from mother's day contest - Thanks Wenn

 Guys,....so how do your spend your holiday ??? going for overseas trip?? or just laze at home like me??


小影 said...

Wow!!! That's a lot of prizes!!! =]

Small Kucing said...

lovely new template.

lovely prize

Vickylow said...

I wish to laze at home, but kids are asking for outing during this school holiday.

suituapui said...

Happy holidays!!!

Hayley said...

Having a good rest at home is something I want to do! I mean a real GOOD REST!

Mummy Gwen said...

Planning to go out everyday coz Hubs is taking the whole week off next week.

Enjoy your holiday!

Isaac Tan said...

hi there! thanks for dropping by my blog :).. yup its always nice to meet up with blogger friends.

And yes, i'll be at home this weekend :(.. don't have the luxury to go for overseas holiday.

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wenn said...

oh, I love holidays. Now I'm still holidaying in NZ. Will be back soon and face the torturing heat. Here it's so cold/cool.
Btw, can you please post the gift from Chang Jiang at the facebook page? Thanks!

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