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Monday, June 11, 2012

Orchard Road, Singapore

It has been 3 years we never been to Singapore...at last on 31 May 2012, we landed in Singapore..the feeling was great. Alot of changes happened in Singapore. The first that I came across is the MRT station. Previously there was "no gate" next to the mrt track,but now, there was "gate" next to the MRT track,I believed it was for security purposes. and the Train was getting packed and packed each day.
The second changes was some of the bus interchanged are full-aircon now......so good....

On our first day, we stopped by Orchard Road....one of the most hottest tourist spot,shopping paradise. But we went there not for shopping, we brought Ryan to Mt.Elizabeth for ENT check-up. I have fixed an appoinment with Dr.LukeTan few months back. Everything was fine....but Ryan has to continue use nasal spray for his sensitive nose and ear drop for his ear wax (super hard).
When come to payment time.....not cheap at all.....You guys  make a guess how much for the 15 mins consultation???
 It cost...SG$350++ for the total bill.

Our next stop is walking to Takashimaya for window shopping, we also stopped by "Yoshinoya" for lunch. Both me and hubby love eating at "Yoshinoya" , it used to be our hang-out place when we were working in Singapore last time.

Teriyaki chicken rice

Spicy Sauce chicken
Beef rice

 After having lunch, we walked to the toys section @ Takashimaya....wow...so many toys and Ryan was so happy ....toys paradise for him!!

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While walking down the escalator, I spotted Esprit was having a great sales....this was my next stop.....and managed to bought 1 jeans + 2 shirts. While doing my shopping, Ryan and his daddy waited at Fountain water @Takashimaya watching Tom & Jerry.

Then we went to Kinokuniya, one of the biggest book store in Singapore.You can spotted all kind of books there .. fyi,if you are looking for Japanese books,must dropby this bookstore.

Walking down from Kinokuniya, I spotted this Candy Shop name "Candylicious"...very big shop and selling all kind of candies.Just snapped few picture before we headed to next spot.

 We just walked along the Orchard Road......stay tuned for next post "Marina Bay Sands"



Merryn said...

I miss Spore. I wanna go back there one of these days :(

Cynful Pleasure said...

I miss this place very much.. has been 7 years since I got back from there in 2005... I was hoping to be back there again..

prince n princess mum said...

So cool! I so long no go sg d...

Small Kucing said...

as long as he is okay then the money is gone to good use.

Argh...i cant bring j to the toy shop full of cars. sure refuse to come out LOL

Mummy Gwen said...

It has been few years since my last trip to sg. Just bought some chocs from candylicious at 1U yesterday.

suituapui said...

Haven't been to Singapore for years and years. Hope to go again some day.

CathJ said...

Wow i miss visiting singapore.... :)

Sooo expensive oh the medical fee.. Times our money??? Oh mannnn....

Daddy said...

Wow. Super costly medical fees but then as long as it is worth it and for the children well being, it is well spent. I was in Singapore three times last year after a break of 10 years. Stayed at sentosa island the first time and then Marina sands. You can read of some of my articles on Singapore in my traveling and photography blog at http://mynikonni.blogspot.com.

Kitty said...

Haven't been there for so long. Must be a fun trip for your lil boy.

MeRy said...

Merryn : Spare your time n travel to Spore...nice place for relaxing.

Cynthia : I also miss Spore 's life alot...how I wish time can turn back and bring me back there again.

Kathy : I guess every boys like to see cars...but Ryan is more fancy to Thomas n frens train.

Mummy Gwen : I don't dare to step in to Candylicious...worry Ryan will ask for candies.

STP : so can plan for your next holiday trip...go Singapore.

Cath J : yes....medical fee costs bomb...

Daddy : Thanks for dropping by.....will read thru ur blog abt ur Spore trip.

Kitty : yes..ryan enjoyed the trip so much..

ChloeRuoyi said...

Nice trip in Singapore! My eyes nearly popped out after seeing your S$350 bill for a 15 minute consultation.

zmm said...

I love Kinokuniya........ but every time when we go there, we'll be spending lots of time there.. not good when we're in a rush.