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Thursday, June 7, 2012

My First bite with "Julie's"

Feeling hungry? let's grab a pack of Julie's biscuit ,it definitely keep you stay full of energy and fresh throughout your days.  I never tried Julie's biscuit before,until one fine day, I saw my mother-in-law bought some and she passed me a pack of Julie's creamy peanut butter sandwich.Oh no .... it taste Good,not too sweet,I just fall in love with its first bite. Since then,Julie's biscuit is always my best companion..wherever I go, I always bring along few pack of Julie's sandwiches in my bag.

There are plenty of biscuits' brand in the market,however, I still prefer Julie's...it suits me the best.
During Chinese New Years, we never missed out Julie's Love Letters, we bought both chocolate and strawberry flavour.

Not only that, I like to collect the 'Redpackets' given by Julie's company during Chinese New Year...their designs were great. I have been keeping those redpackets from Julie's for the past two years.

I noticed Julie's have come out with assorted type of biscuits and one of my favourite type is Cheese Cracker. It is best to go with mayonnaise tuna on top or dip it in a bowl of Mushroom soup.Wow...it taste amazing....!!

 Did you guys know that Julie's cream cracker can make a very delicious cake for your family? Just a pack of Julie's cream cracker with other simple ingredients, it makes a super delicious cake for everyone.


Let's me share the recipe here :

1.Sliced some carrots ,1 big onion, 1 can of luncheon meat and some leeks- cut into small pieces.
2.Seasoning : pepper,Maggi Seasoning (powder form).
3.1 pack of cream cracker  (I used Julie's brand)
4.1 tin of Evaporated milk(any brand will do).
5.8-10 eggs (depend on the size of the egg).

1.Grease the baking tray(square size) with some butter ( that is to prevent the cake stick to the tray - easier to wash the tray).I need 9 pcs of cream cracker biscuit per layer.You can use smaller size of baking tray,but must be in Square Size.
2.Stir fried the carrots,leeks,big onions + luncheon meat.Add the seasoning too. The put aside.
3.Beat the eggs,add in Evaporated Milk and mixed them well.
4.Soak the cream cracker  into the step (3).
5.Layer the cream cracker  into the baking tray (3x3).
6.Put in the mixed carrot+leek+luncheon meat+onion (from step-2)in the next layer.
7.Repeat till all the ingredients are used up.It will looks like a layer cake.
8.Steam high heat for about half an hour/till cooked. Serve warm with chilly sauce.

Give it a try......a simple cake for EveryOne.

Did you guys know that Julie's is having A Date with Julie's contest? For those bloggers' friends who are interested to join.....just follow this simple steps:
1. Write an article about your experience with Julie’s and upload it to your blog. It could be about your Julie’s experience at a factory tour, event, a shopping moment, or when you’re snacking on a Julie’s biscuit!
Tip: pls include Julie’s image/photo in the article
2. Fill in this registration form
3. Qualified participants will be announced on Julie’s Facebook page the day after the date of submission.

 Submission closing date: 11.59pm, 15 June 2012
Announcement of result: 12pm, 22 June 2012

Wish everyone Good Luck !!!



Mummy Gwen said...

Yeah Julie biscuits are not bad. Good Luck.

Small Kucing said...

their biscuits have always been nice.

MeRy said...

Mummy Gwen : Thx.

Kathy : Yes..I love Julie's too.

Anonymous said...

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