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Monday, January 16, 2012

Bad Day

Last saturday (14 Jan 2012) was a very bad day for us.Why do I say so? That saturday night, we went for Chinese New Year performance by RTM at Civic Centre,Sibu. My husband received an invitation cards. We reached there before 7pm and parked our car near the market parking lot.I would say the place is bit dark because don't have lot of lamp posts.There are other cars were parking there too.
By the time the performance ended, it was around 10.30pm and Ryan was feeling hungry, so I went to nearby kopitiam tapaoed fried noodle for him. Hubby and Ryan walked to the car waiting for me. My hubby was shocked to see out behind car's lights were keep blinking and he sensed "something fishy" must be going on there. He opened up the car door and OMG....only left the gear stick,the whole gear cover was taken out by the thieves.Lucky, my hubby has the habit to Lock the gear before we went off for the performance,or else, our car sure went missing that night.Then my hubby started the car engine and see whether it worked...the car still can move.
When I reached the car, my hubby asked me to take a look at the gear and told me what has happened, it was dark at the surrounding and I did not even noticed our gear cover was taken out.Since the car could move,so hubby drove back home slowly and we managed to reach home safely.
Then we tried to re-call back...that night, it was raining heavily while we were watching the performance and we believed it was happened during raining time because the front seat mirror was bit wet. But we did not even noticed that the thieves was actually broke in through the car bonnet. Until the next morning, when hubby reached the workshop and they checked,then they told that the thieves came into the car through the car bonnet.The key hole was taken off too.
No choice, the bad incident has happened and we just hope our car can quickly get fix before CNY. We are still waiting for the sparepart to reach Sibu as there is no ready stock at Perodua workshop.
Hopefully we can claim back the expenses from our car insurance company as it costs around RM1500 for the whole repair.


reanaclaire said...

Gosh..nowadays these car thieves have so much ideas up on their sleeves! Terrible! But thank God no one is hurt..

Inspired Momx1 said...

Hi, Mery, please drop me an email at mdengwm@yahoo.com with your address and contact number. I left you a message in your comment box sometime last Dec but didn't get any reply as yet. I am going to send you a small gift as promised. Thanks :)

Adrine said...

*Ouch* RM1,500 is a lot!! But luckily your hubby locked his car if not even worse.