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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dec'09 Holiday Trip to Medan

Yes...another backdated post,it has been dragged for a month & only now I have time to post them out at my blog.
All are about my holiday trip back to my hometown (Medan,Indonesia)last Dec'09.
We was in Medan for about 3 weeks and we really spent our best time there with my family members & relatives & friends.
Unfortunately, me ,hubby & Ryan was sick during our 3 weeks stay in Medan. Hubby was down with diarrhea,while both me & Ryan was down with flu. I guess the weather in Medan is not clean enough,probably not suit 3 of us ....:(

Okie...now let's the pictures do the talking .....Enjoy !!!

@Benteng Restaurant,Medan..having reunion dinner with my family members.

@Taipan Restaurant,Medan..attending my relative's wedding.
Actually we did attended 2 wedding dinners in our 3 weeks stay in Medan,unfortunately, I forget to bring my camera along on the 1st wedding dinner @Selecta Restaurant.

Having lunch with my sister's family @Jade Restaurant,JW Marriot Medan...super yummy dimsum buffet...we was there for more than 2 hours enjoying our dimsum meal.

Ryan was having fun rides at Amazon & Timezone,Sun Plaza, Medan.

We went to Hillpark with my brother's family..it was about 1 hour drive from Medan City.Hillpark is quite a new theme park for adults & kids to have fun.They have a nice weather there...cool & refereshing air.


Mommy Ling said...

Mery...sure u have lots lots of fun enjoying there. only makan makan and sleep sleep..heheheh.

mNhL said...

Gosh! all 3 fall sick. Not Medan only, here weather also not good la. My 2 kids was sick and now my turn ;-( (virus attacking me)

Mummy Gwen said...

It must be a great time spent with your family and friends in Medan. :) Too bad all of you were sick there.

MeRy said...

Ling @ Yes...we really enjoy alot..no housework,everything is being prepared.How nice !!

mNhl : Get well soon..

Mummy Gwen : We really enjoyed our hlday..

the little prince said...

All 3 fall sick!!! OOh NO!! probably the weather condition change in the year end!!

Baby Darren said...

wow....you have lots of pictures....Looked like you have a fun-filled holiday back home...

Olive said...

Lots and lots of beautiful pictures to capture your wonderful trip back to Medan. The best times are spending it with loving family and friends and so much yummy food too!!!

CH Voon said...

Oh… you from Medan.
It is second big city after Jarkata in Indonesia.
I went there before for commissioning…
There is a shop “Kamping soup” very popular one..

Anonymous said...

hi MeRy,
Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Learn that you are originally from Medan, me too...:)