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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy News for Sharing !!

Another backdated post for sharing.These are all the happy news that happened for the past one week. Due to my Flu sickness, I am delaying in updating my blog.

Let's start with all the happy news to share with my bloggers' friends.

1. My Friend 's visit (5-7 Sept '09)

Last Saturday (5th Sept 2009), my friend Lily and her cute dotter came to visit me from Kuching. I was so happy to meet them,our last meet up was in Singapore 2 years ago. Now her dotter has grown up and so cute. I went to airport to fetch them, then brought them for lunch.We had CharSiew + Chicken Rice,after that I sent them to hotel for check-in. After having their shower and rest, we headed to town area. Lily came to Sibu to buy some curtain fabric as it was cheaper in Sibu compared to Kuching. The same kind of fabric can cost RM25/mtr,whereas in Sibu only sell around RM9/mtr after further discount.She spent few hundred bucks on fabric itself. For dinner, we have steamboat at Shabu-Shabu. That night, Ryan was not joining us.He was taking care by my MIL for that whole saturday. I was glad that Ryan did not fussy and good boy for that whole day. Of course, when Ryan saw me & his daddy back home at night, he was so happy. The first word from his mouth is 'Mummy Mummy'. I am so touching and faster gave him a warmest hug.

The next day (Sunday), I fetched Lily and her dotter for breakfast. We are having 'Tien Biang Hu',this is one of the Foochow special food at Sibu. It is actually made from a flour and is served in soup.Then we headed to a supermarket for a quick shopping before headed to my house. This is 2nd time Ryan met my friend's dotter (Peixin). They feel shy to each other.We also snapped some pictures at my house.
Around 1.30pm, we went for heavy lunch.Very Very full and even have some leftover (fried mee).After lunch, we went to Famous temple at Sibu (Tua Pek Khong),a small Sibu waterfront and Lily bought some xtra curtain fabric again.
Since it was going to be 4pm, we went back home.Ryan started to get fussy.Less than 5 mins, he fall sleep and I chatted with Lily while Ryan was having his late nap.
We have late dinner that night, we went to new kopitiam for our dinner,the food are not nice (feel regret go there eat,nothing is yummy).

Next Monday, Lily and her dotter were getting ready back to Kuching. They were on 11.30am flight back to Kuching. I sent them to airport and also took some pictures at the airport.Will share the pictures in my next post...still waiting for Lily to forward me the pics.

I am so happy for their visit and Hope to see them again!!

For adding, Ryan also received small present from Lily and Peixin, a puzzle & T-shirt. As for me, Lily bought me some local titbits (Tau Sar Piah & Pong Piah), pineapple cookies and crackers.Thank you so much,Lily & Peixin!!

2. Gift from Drypers company

I received a call from SCA last week that I was selected as one of the Star Letter for Apr-Jun'09 of Drypers Parents' Circle.As a token of appreciation for my contribution, I will received some diapers and Mystery gift from SCA.
It was sent to me by courier,the content are 2 packs of XXL Drypers Wee Wee ,1 diaper bag and 1 cow hand puppet.
When Ryan saw that parcel, he could not wait to open it up and see what is the content of the box.So excited!!

Thanks to SCA again, this is my 3rd time being selected as Star Letter in Drypers Parents' Circle.

3. Another present from My Friend Lily

Yesterday, I received a parcel again from Lily,Kuching.She bought me 2 packs of mooncake,some red packets(for my collection) and a suprise present for Ryan...that's Puku Petit water bottle. I love this water bottle,big in size and good in quality too. Actually Ryan has the same kind of water bottle ,but I left it in Medan(my hometown). I was finding high and low at Sibu,can't get it here. Ryan was so happy with his new water bottle and Thanks again to Lily & Peixin for this suprise present.


Blessed mum said...

such nice friends u got there!

and congrats to u! 3rd time being selected as Star letter. wow!

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow..so many good news. Your friend is so sweet and nice. :)

Ley Mei said...

congratulations.. and indeed it's a pleasant mth full of surprises..

Dora said...

It's such a wonderful moment having some get-together reunion with friends from afar!...And there are lotsa gifts too huh! Congrats for being selected as the winner.

Happy Weekend!

Irene said...

wah, happiz news one after another, so nice...

MeRy said...

Blessed Mum,Mummy Gwen,Ley Mei and Dora - Thks alot...!!

LittleLamb said...

so many gifts.. nice....

i thought u wanted to say u r pregnant..eheheheh

Mummy Ryan said...

Wow it is really a happy month for you..btw my cousin also just get married wth Medan gal..:)

cre8tone said...

Wow! So many good news!!!

I got a chicky puppet instead!~

Moomykin said...

It's always nice to meet up with friends. Also very nice of your mil to take Ryan so that you can have a good dinner and catch-up time with your friend.

My mil too is very kind and offers to help even I before open my mouth to ask.

2xMum said...

congrats!! :)

twins mama said...

sounds like u had a wonderful meet up!! great!

i read ur star letter.. congrats!!

Fussy mum said...

You have such great friends there! And Congrats for being selected as the winner :)

Oliveoylz said...

Lovely presents u have there. Ryan is a happy boy indeed! Wow! 3 times selected as Star Letter! Good! The diaper is a very useful reward.

Annie Q said...

Hi Mery, thanks for dropping by my blog!

You're from Sibu? I read you mention "tien bieng hu" in your post. I miss this so much!

Will add you to my blogroll. :)

mNhL said...

May I know what is the SCA website? (drypers) How do you sent in your letter to be published as a Star Letter? Such a wonderful gift they sent to you! A very useful gift indeed.