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Sunday, May 3, 2009

My 27 Months Old

Times flies super fast....blink blink blink *** Ryan already reached his 27 months.More worries is coming ahead especially in deciding which school for him to go,will he be able to adapt to his new environment next year (plan to enroll him for Kindee next year),will he behave well at school,and of course,the happiest thing is HE is Mommy & Daddy's precious Son.

Let's me mark down his development:

Weight : never measured since his last jab Chicken pox.
Height : long time never measured.

Favourite food :
1.Any kind of vegetables(long bean,ladyfinger,sayur sawi,and lots more to mention - will be a long list). Dislike sweet potatoes.
2.Fruits : apple,pear,grape(his most favo fruit - can eat about 12 grapes at one go),dislike banana(used to be his favo fruit).
3.Fast food - can finish 1 pc of KFC with 1 bowl of rice + tomato sos,no soup.
4.Any biscuits and titbits (try to cut down this consumption to avoid heatiness).
5.Prefer barley water than green bean soup.
6.Like to drink RIBENA,soya milk(he will call 'milk milk').
7.Dislike Kuetiau,like to eat Mee.
8.Like to eat 'Cream Cracker cake' (made from egg,lunchean meat,cream cracker - nextime will snap the pic if I make it again).
9.Like to eat bread - with kaya, ice cream or tomato sos.

Speech development :
1.Some new words that I can remember : Star,Sun,Moon,Stop (Ryan will say'top top'),Go,Sit,Tree,Hot,Shell(Ryan is referring to Ferrari car from Shell petrol kiosk),etc...
2.Can sing melody of few songs (Barney Songs - our way to grandpa's farm,Ba Ba black sheep, Twinkle 2x little star,Are you Sleeping) & Miss Pattycake' songs.

Other development :
1.Copycat his daddy or mummy action - stand in front of mirror and touch touch his hair.
2.More demanding - never promise him anything in advance,he will even remember the promise after his nap.
3.Like to walk by his own while going out,however, he still want to sit at trolley supermkt and wanna touch the racks's stuffs.Itchy hand!!
4.Like to put on a hat - which he dislike when he was small(below 1 yr old).
5.Diaperless during nap time - so far 2x accidents.
6.Drink milk - 2 x per day(Enfagrow a+).

At last, Wish Ryan ~ Happy 27 months old ~


LittleLamb said...

oooo my my..such a big boy already....

A gift from God said...

happy 27th month birthday! :)

Stacey Lim said...

Happy 27th month old! I'm amaze how Ryan love to eat veges, by gals hate it.

I'm sure he will love to go to school! My gals took a week to adapt, now they love going there!

Linda said...

bread with ice cream?? hmmm..... Ryan big boy already.. got a very good memory.... :)

quEeNie said...

happy 27th months to Ryan...such a big boy already

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy 27 MOnths Old Ryan! He is a good eater. Not fussy at all. He also knows alot of things.

little prince's mummy said...

Happy 27 months!~

MeRy said...

Stacey - So what is ur gal favo food? Ryan is vege eater..most kind of vege he likes it.
Ur gal take 1 wik to adapt at school..tats good,hw old is ur gal?

Linda - Ryan like to eat bread with ice cream.coz I dun wan him to eat ice cream only...too cold and worry will get cough,tats y I apply the ice cream on top of bread and fold the bread into two...it looks like ice cream sandwich.

Susan said...

That's a very big appetite Ryan has there.
1 pc of fried chicken + 1 bowl of rice.
Wow : )

Happy 27 Mths Ryan !

the little prince said...

Big Big boy ya!!

Happy 27 months!!

So early want to send him to kidee....let him enjoy more fun at home for another year la!! :-)

Fussy mum said...

Happy 27th month old, Ryan!! Good to know that Ryan is growing up well. Wow, he really can eat eh?

Hazel said...

he is such a big boy oledi but still look thin..

Lemonjude said...

He looks tall in pic. Very good la can eat many vege, mine got to force till all hu-haa only willing to eat...

agnes said...

that's cool.. happy 27 mth old

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Seems like Ryan has changed his taste preference. He doesnt like banana anymore? I remembered last time you said he can eat quite a lot.

He dislike sweet potato? Ooo...why? Too sweet?

MeRy said...

Joanne - I also feel strange suddenly he dislike banana n sweet potato,big changes in his appetite. I m glad that he still like to eat vege and other fruits.
Sometimes I cook green bean soup with sweet potatoes,he will eat the sweet potato abit after I mashed it together in the green brean soup.

MeRy said...

Hazel - Maybe I shld let Ryan eat more...hahaha,seem he still look thin in the picture.

Lemonjude - Sometimes I must think of different idea to cook the vege..at least my son won't get bored n change the menu everyday.

slavemom said...

Wah... he's diaperless during naptime edi. Well done, Ryan!
Hmmmm... bread with ice-cream? Interesting. hehehe

Anonymous said...

wow.. gak sangka yah.. uda 27 mths..
dan yang paling penting.. dia uda lulus potty training yah.. good boy..