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Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Holiday Trip

The Big Day that I am waiting for....at last comes & tomorrow afternoon Lex,Ryan & I will depart to JB,overnight there for 2 nights(5-6Dec) before going to Spore on Sunday(7 Dec). I will be in Singapore from 7-10Dec & we will be back to my hometown Medan on 11Dec together with my sis & BIL. We are taking Jetstar direct from Singapore - Medan & the flight will take abt 1hr 5mins, instead of taking Airasia from JB-Medan(this flight was cancelled & lucky Airasia has done the refund back to my hubby's credit card).

I will be staying at Chinatown area, renting a room(more cheaper compared to hotel) while my other buddies Chin & SuYing will be staying at hotel.

Our plan :go to Orchard Rd,Sentosa,Singapore Zoo,Singapore Flyer,VivoCity(@Harbourfront MRT),Bugis area,CityHall area and makan-makan.

It can be a tiring journey for me & hubby as we are bringing Ryan along. This year, we are not going to bring his stroller along as Ryan refused to sit at stroller nowadays. He wants to walk by himself. We hope he will be cooperative during the whole holiday trip.

Wish Us Have A Pleasent Holiday !!

NB: Agnes,SuYing & Chin - see u gals soon!!


little prince's mummy said...

Enjoy ur holiday~

Serene said...

I'm sure Ryan will enjoy the trip! Kids like to go Zoo for sure! Outside the Vivo City there's one children playground and fountain, you can let Ryan play there.. heheh =)

Daddy said...

Hei. Hope that you enjoy your holiday. Have a great time and come back and share with us ya...

agnes said...

oic.. nice plan..

but guess it's better to bring the stroller along since it can act as ur shopping cart!!! as well as backup just in case ryan felt asleep throughout the journey???

i find it useful most of the time when we take the stroller along although chloe dont want to sit in it initially..

but after some walking, she request to sit inside for a rest.. ;)

anyway, it's up to u. just my 2 cents

Mummy Gwen said...

Have a safe trip and enjoy your holiday! :)

MeRy said...

Peiwun - Tq..sure we will enjoy our holiday.

Serene - We are still considering whether to go Sg Zoo or Nite Safari. Actually both me & hubby been there liao, but now is the chance to bring Ryan to see animals. Vivo City is nice shopping mal,...very big n have a big playground on top,near to Marche restaurant.

Daddy - Sure will snap some nice pictures and share my holiday trip stories with u all.

Agnes - Thx for ur concern. After packing all the stuffs, 2 small luggages & 1 handcarry. Most probably the stroller will be out. Hope can numpang my friend stroller if Ryan gets tired n slepy throughout the journey.

Mummy Gwen - Thks alot!!

Esmeralda said...

Have a happy holiday Mery! Hope u'll enjoy urself despite now being more tiring than before - no more strollers ya.. Do share wid us about ur trip when u come back.

slavemom said...

Hv a good holiday!

the little prince said...

I'm sure Ryan will enjoy his X'mas holiday!!

Mery, take more photo, share with us!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Wowww...so happy for you Mery

TH said...

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