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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, May 16, 2008

~MeadJohnson Collection~

Today,some Mp mommies are talking about Meadjohnson fridge magnets in MP forum....so I decided to post my M.Johnson collection(fridge magnets, car sticker,etc) for sharing *-*

For free sample enquiry, call 1800 88 3585 or visit www.meadjohnsonasia.com


Ping said...

Mery mummy...i also got the magnet and information that meadjohnson send to me but some i didn't keep. I saw the picture some i got and some they didn't send to me. Really nice collection ^_^

JoAnne said...

Mery, you got many MJ gifts :)

SY said...

I never think to keep all the stuff that i received. Nice collection Mery..Good job.

liteng said...

mummy is the no.1 fan of MJ product ya!